Art and Architecture

Today I had a delightful visit in Musée Longchamp. The name came from the architect of the museum, and I think he is worth a google if you enjoy gorgeous buildings. Architecture and sculpture move me more than any art form. They live and breath with you. They make you feel taller, smaller, proud, and humble all at once. Isn't it amazing that we have our own architecture? Our bones, skin, and essence have a potential to inspire the way art does, with a promise of more inside, more treasures within to be explored. What would the art inside of you look like?

*skirt by Rouje

How to pack for a weekend in the Mediterranean

Packing for a weekend can end up looking like packing for a month sometimes (at least for me). Here are some of the outfit templates I have used to pack light and have comfy and classic outfit choices.

Inspired by: Jeanne Damas (I can't not be).

A simple wrap dress always looks chic and doesn't look dreadful when wrinkled (go for airy fabrics). A simple coin purse and platform kitten heels are easy to pack and comfy without being too casual.

Inspired by: Basically every models' street style look.

A white t-shirt, black jeans, leather jacket, and black shoes with some height… There is a reason every model wears this and so do many women on the street of nearly every fashionable city. It looks good on every body type and is very easy to pack and throw on in a hurry. You can pack this knowing you can dress it up or down and be very comfortable.

Inspired by: 1970s Bardot.

One piece swimsuits are a great piece to pack because they make great body suits under pants, shorts, or skirts. When packing accessories go with classics you love, such as a nice pair of sunglasses and gold hoops. Plus it makes dipping into the Mediterranean sea that much easier.

Classical Inspired Interior

I have been collecting lovely items from antiques stores for two years now. I am always inspired by the 1500s-1800s in particular. All things gold fill my home. I am growing a collection of gold earrings and original oil paintings in gold frames. I have items from Russia, France, South Korea, and here in the United States so far.

All things magical affect me. This small reading candle makes me think of a young girl wandering her castle at night. I truly believe the items you surround yourself with affect you, both consciously and subconsciously. My home is a safe haven of beautiful thoughts for my mind.

Things don't have to be too perfect,or too neat. I like the naturalness of a lived in home. I prefer ease to overly staged photos, art, and interiors. Sometimes it appears to let the soul of the subjects to speak out.

Forever 1800s

“I love old things. Modern things are so cold. I need things that have lived.”
Barbara Hulanicki of Biba

Fast food, fast fashion, and quick results, so much of the modern world is is about time-traveling to the future. However, I find the past even more exciting. I feel at home in antique and thrift stores where I find many of my items and clothing. They are beautiful, often well made, and sometimes even rare and priceless. I feel accomplished when I find something that speaks to me, and I find my childlike sense of wonder looking through the old objects waiting for another life to be given to
them from my youthful perspective.

Nothing feels old to me – from beautiful and ornate dresses, lace, and gold lined objects from other moments in time. If you are present and enjoying the moment time will no longer carry you, you never age or grow sick because you are in a perpetual state of wonder and now. Modern treasures amaze me, but don’t disregard your local antique shops, or judge thrift stores, which sometimes holds people as magical as the items.

Explore locally, and break shopping habits sometimes. I find a piece of my heart in every little antique box, bag, or frame. The energy of the piece adds to my own when I wear it and if that isn’t magical… Transformation of the self can be assisted by what we wear, and beautiful things we surround ourselves with, and these things can be found anywhere. I promise it.