My Poetry

Here are a couple of poems from some of my hardest times. I have written a book of poetry coming out soon, and during the time I wrote this I was dealing with very serious depression and the two suicides of long-time boyfriends. The book together deals with grief and turning it around.

Here are a few samples:

Autumn comes in quiet corners.
The windshield wipers pump the
rain up and down
like momma's breathing.
It's okay again, to feel beautiful
Because the earth mourns around
you, and with you.
The silence wakes me
and deeper it goes into my heart.
You drive around looking for ghosts,
but I am looking for people,
who are alive.

This is grief,
like the ache for poisoned blood.
I loose more parts of my soul
than I can capture.
Even as the stars and moon get dolled up,
and I walked down the streets of my ancestors,
It means nothing.
It is no cure.
Why does death now taste like love?
I can't remember where my lives begin
Neruda, Nabokav, my communion
is stale.
Lost is my teenage heart.
Dead in your borrowed bones.