How Instagram helped my depression

To be honest, I thought social media (especially Instagram) was bad for a person's wellbeing. I read the articles on how it lowered self-esteem, created anxiety, and increased depression. They said it was because of looking at the overly perfected highlight reel of someone's life can cause anguish at our own imperfect, and not always glistening lives. These reasons kept me away from social media with wrongful pride thinking, I'm not one of those people.

After being diagnosed with depression I longed for an outlet for the sadness, hopelessness, and anger I felt inside. I wanted a new artistic hobby that could help me evolve. After deciding I would like to try photography I knew Instagram might become part of the picture. I logged in again, deleted all of my old images, and changed my name. I wanted this to be a place of artistic expression more than only sharing news.

Most importantly, I deleted everyone I had previously followed and realized it wasn't the tool that created anxiety, it is the use. I can choose who I follow, and who I admire and why. I became more clear on my own life vision and decided to only view those who fall in line with that. Suddenly, every day became an opportunity for inspiration, not envy. I thought, How cute is that, I want to make that, I love the way this is styled!

This lead to another way instagram decreased my depression. I constantly have something beautiful to look for now! I am on the hunt for something lovely everywhere I go. Not only that, but I keep my mind busy on creative aspects like what angle, light, and story will meaning capture the meaning? I get focused on the grid of images and whether the images all together tell the story I want. My focus has become beauty, instead of sadness and anger.

Together these elements created what I always longed for, but didn't feel worthy of – connection. I have made incredible and true friends from all over the globe. They are more than willing to share more than their highlights reel with me. I finally have friends that are attracted by similar things in life like me, and I get so much inspiration from sharing and sometimes creating images with them.

Instagram has helped me shift my focus and help my mind launch creative ideas instead of fears.

10 thoughts on “How Instagram helped my depression

  1. Penelope, this was such a beautiful post!

    You’re such a beautiful human with a beautiful spirit, I had no idea you dealt with depression..not that it matters (to me looking in) but I’m glad Instagram helped you. I think it’s important to use all social media- but not get completely caught up in social media. I am so inspired by your fairy tale lifestyle and others from around the globe but it feels even better when you have a supportive team backing you up, i’m always here for ya girl!


    1. Wow thank you so much for such a heartfelt comment love. I appreciate you reading my words and I am so glad I can offer a little inspiration. You are a beautiful soul and woman. Depression got very severe for me and I am so blessed I got help. If you ever want to talk always feel free to message me! Thank you again for inspiring me dear. Much love❤️


  2. I totally agree with this! I’ve been following you for a few months now and I’m so glad I did, it’s all about how you use the tool.
    I’m also very happy that you found this to share your creative expression and please continue to do so. I’m in love with your vibe! ❤


  3. Hii babe hope you are having a great day today. 🙂
    Gosh i loved this post. Thank you for sharing all of this. I can relate quite a bit. I have struggled with severe depression for years and i had eating disorders and alot of trauma all in the past 5-10 yrs. And i feel when i share things that inspire me online it gives me Purpose. If i feel down and feel i have no purpose i remind myself of how many people have benefited and enjoyed my words and it has helped them feel less alone or just made them smile.
    You are so wonderful, such a beautiful kind soul, and i am here for you!!! Adore your content and so glad instagram has helped you. And yes the other month i just unfollowed 200 people and really only expose myself to people i know are genuine, kind and honest. No faking things or lying etc or things that trugger me in anyway. It is not social media that is wrong, it is How we use it. Social media oretty much saved my life years ago in the worst of my depression so i am soo grateful for it. Xoxoxox lots of love babe. ^=^


    1. Wow I am so glad to read that it has heroes you too. I know your posts and words uplift my heart so much. Depression is such a disheartening affliction and my heart completely goes out to anyone who has or is experiencing it. I am so happy to heat you are doing well and spreading your beautiful light the world needs. Sending so much love dear ❤️

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  4. A beautiful and honest post. I kept thinking of the quote “Every day may not be good…
    but there’s something good in every day”(Alice Morse Earle) … Thats how I use Instagram to look for the good and focus on these simple/little things even if its just a pretty flower I’ve found that day.
    Much love, V x

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this dear! Yes, that quote definitely applies here. 🙂 It is a tool that absolutely be applied to find little or great beauties in each day (like finding your photos). ❤️


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