Forever 1800s

“I love old things. Modern things are so cold. I need things that have lived.”
Barbara Hulanicki of Biba

Fast food, fast fashion, and quick results, so much of the modern world is is about time-traveling to the future. However, I find the past even more exciting. I feel at home in antique and thrift stores where I find many of my items and clothing. They are beautiful, often well made, and sometimes even rare and priceless. I feel accomplished when I find something that speaks to me, and I find my childlike sense of wonder looking through the old objects waiting for another life to be given to
them from my youthful perspective.

Nothing feels old to me – from beautiful and ornate dresses, lace, and gold lined objects from other moments in time. If you are present and enjoying the moment time will no longer carry you, you never age or grow sick because you are in a perpetual state of wonder and now. Modern treasures amaze me, but don’t disregard your local antique shops, or judge thrift stores, which sometimes holds people as magical as the items.

Explore locally, and break shopping habits sometimes. I find a piece of my heart in every little antique box, bag, or frame. The energy of the piece adds to my own when I wear it and if that isn’t magical… Transformation of the self can be assisted by what we wear, and beautiful things we surround ourselves with, and these things can be found anywhere. I promise it.

4 thoughts on “Forever 1800s

  1. Babe you’re amazing. You’re such a talented and inspiring person. I love reading your words. You have an old soul with an angel face. Please be honest, are you even real?


  2. In fact,my English is bad. I wish I could be an English writer but I always have mistakes on my writing. Your writing is super great! Your words can touch people’s heart. Keep it up and I believe you will shine in the world!✨


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