Even More Reasons to Love Matcha

I have been a loyal drinker of matcha for over three years now. I used to drink lattes for my pick me up, but I knew I wasn't getting many health benefits from them. Not only that, but I was often left feeling shaky and anxious later in the day. Matcha changed that for me. If you haven't already tried the matcha "trend" it might be time. When I first started drinking matcha I could only get it at Whole Foods where I live. Now, there is matcha ice cream, soap, masks, bath bombs, tea, lattes, and everything you can think of. Some are ridiculous, but treat yo' self.

Here's Why:

1. One cup of matcha is equivalent to up to ten cups of green tea. Have you ever heard about the benefits of green tea? Well, it actually takes many cups of green tea to get those benefits. So instead of spending all day reheating a tea bag, get one cup of matcha that will do all the work for you.

2. It has more antioxidants than your favorite superfood. You know about antioxidants, the ones that keep you looking young and beautiful and protect your cells from turning cancerous. Drinking matcha is an incredible way to get in your dose for the day. Why not drink it on your morning drive knowing you are getting healthier and prettier with every sip?

3. Anti-cancer help. Matcha is full of ECGgs which protect the body from several types cancer. They also help protect the body from UV rays, pollution, and free radical damage.

4. Energy without jitters. Do you ever want the energy burst of coffee without the anxiety increase? Try matcha. Matcha contains an amino acid called L-Theanine which helps you concentrate, but actually relaxes your mind and body at the same time. Due to my anxiety, I much prefer this drink before class or work to feel focused.

5. Weight loss aide without effort or harmful side effects. Matcha boots the metabolism and burns fat. Enjoy this drink as a nice aide to your healthy diet.

6. Full body cleansing. Matcha also helps lower chlorestoral, detox your body, and helps the immune system.

Drinking matcha can be a guilt-free treat to add to your routine, and it's even more enjoyable knowing it benefits your body short and long-term.

However, not all matcha is equal. The green tea latte you get at Starbucks has its first ingredient as sugar. It is best to buy your own matcha powder (I highly recommend because you can make your own healthy lattes and smoothies) or tea bags. Several health food stores like Whole Foods, or health conscious coffee shops have matcha lattes with almond milk! This can be found in most countries.

Have you tried matcha?

2 thoughts on “Even More Reasons to Love Matcha

  1. I love Matcha lattes ah the best. My favourite hot drink. I will have to find the powder form in stores and make some at home πŸ™‚ and I agree and like that it doesn’t affect me like coffee does, all jittery and more anxious. Lovely post πŸ™‚ πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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